Why Edward R. Murrow is still important

Murrow_Show.jpgIf you get me started talking about Edward R. Murrow, you'd better make sure you don't have any pressing appointments in the next hour or so. I can go on and on. Hearing an album of Murrow's broadcasts during World War Two was a big reason why I decided on a career in radio journalism so many years ago. Although he has been gone for decades, Murrow still sets the bar very high for all journalists concerned about ethics, integrity, and serving their listeners, viewers, and readers, as any one calling themselves a journalist should be.

Former CBS News correspondent Marvin Kalb recently led a fascinating panel discussion about Murrow's continuing relevance to journalism. He is perhaps even more important now. The panel included Murrow's son Casey and Bob Edwards, the author of a book about Murrow and former anchor of NPR's Morning Edition. If you can spare an hour, don't listen to me. Listen to them.